While the basic concept of pendants remains the same, modern women have a lot more options compared to their prehistoric counterparts. There are a wide variety of pendants, including plain lockets or ones that open up to an image, pendilia that hang from a larger metalwork, large pearls, gems, cameos, crosses, or even watches. 

Little has changed since ancient times when it comes to amulets as pendants. They are still popular in the twenty-first century as talismans, good luck charms, and for protection from evil eye or other disasters and supernatural forces. While some pendants come with the chain, most pendants are sold without the necklace, which gives you the flexibility to buy one that goes best with the pendant. The ones that come with a pin-back also double up as brooches.You can find some pretty pendants at libertybazar.

Party Bags

2017 party Handbags trends include Winter bags of decent colors like black, white, brown, skin and navy blue. The designs are quite unique. Winter purse in funky colors don’t look good. As winter is about dry fruits, so why not make a match with them? Brown is a winter color and a brown winter purse looks amazing. White is a very soft color. Winter White bags are also inn part of fall 2016 handbag trends.

Fall Handbags are very different spring collection. Spring collection include funky colored handbags in different shapes. But Fall Handbags Pakistan collection is full of unique pieces in soft and decent colors. Here we have handbags images by which you can have idea of winter bags. Have a look to the entire fall handbags collection at libertybazar.

Wedding Bags

Golden and silver bags are more in trend for the brides. These clutches have been adorned with amazing beads and pearls and look really stunning to carry. These are really quality wedding bags that are made keeping the vogue and demand in mind and are never out of trend. Especially for brides, they go perfectly with the whole outfit and give them gorgeous and elegant look.Latest handbags collections 2017 include stylish and classic handbags with an element of chic and trend. Now, the traditional handbags have been replaced by more voguish and stylish collections of small and large bags, office handbags and clutches.You can also find some stunning wedding bags at libertybazar.

Casual Handbags

Women seek fashion in everything they carry. They have an ultimate desire to look perfect and fashionable. Whatever they wear and showcase, should be according to the latest fashion trends and must match to the choice of graceful and selective women. Clothes have prime importance in it and every woman wants to wear the stuff that is latest and is making a buzz in the fashion industry. But women fashion is not limited to clothes and shoes now.

The emergence of clothing fashion later brought styling to shoes and footwear and now has been extended to ladies casual Handbags. Matching and stylish handbags have become the very weakness of all girls and women and this industry has flourished a lot. Check Latest Handbags & Clutches Collection for Girls 2017 Beautiful Designs for Formal and Casual Events at libertybazar.


All of these bags and clutches are very attracted and elegant. All Women love to buy Bags and purses which make them stylish look along with wearing clothes. They match the bags according to their dress design and colors.  These days, clutches have stylish straps and chains hanging out of them. Nowadays clutches with different themes are also designed like Loud & Bright to give traditional, classy and trendy looks at the same time. We are here to assist you and satisfied you with our products at libertybazar.

Office Bags

The majority of the women are inclined to have handbags because it will not only assist them for saving something but also gives them a beautiful style. The beautiful and elegant office bags is truly an ideal and astonishing choice for the women whether they are working in the office or they are houses wives in the house the stunning hand bags will certainly look amazing in the hands of women. It looks gorgeous and sweet.You can find these at libertybazar.



Funky Bracelets

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to give to mom this Mother's Day?  She will love these funky Bracelets. This gift is not only trendy, it's something she can cherish forever.Right now funky bracelet designs are hot trends, Have a look on some funky bracelets or visit libertybazar to buy some of these....

Skirts With Flair

The skirt is possibly the only garment in the history of female attire that has remained a constant irrespective of region, race, culture or climate.Every country in the world has some version of the skirt embedded into the chronicles of its female population’s fashion evolution.Long, short, asymmetrical, straight, flared, fitted or loose, the skirt is truly an icon of femininity in each of its forms.When these forms converge with opulent fabrics, lush embellishments and meticulous craftsmanship, the humble skirt is reinvented into the Indian skirt or lehenga. You can find latest skirts at libertybazar.

The skirt like everything else about its country of origin is all about bright, colourful and bold statements.Women from affluent families wore skirts fashioned specially from imported Chinese silks while those of more modest means wore skirts made from cotton and other locally grown fabrics. The skirt has undergone several transformations and will continue to be reinterpreted in the times to come but will never become outdated. Just like the classic sari, an impeccably tailored Indian skirt is a timeless treasure.

Traditional Handbags

Pakistan has a rich history of handicrafts.Crafts & handicrafts of Pakistan Handicrafts reflect the culture, tradition and aesthetics of the artisans who create them.Handbags of Pakistan are very famous and popular in country and outside the country.These handmade bags are made off cloth with ornamentation of beads, mirror and multiple quality fabric. Beads, mirror and leather pieces are used in the make. Some of these are made of block printed cloth without any decoration. Beautiful mirror work is also done on handbags which made them eye capturing. Mirrors are used for putting glazing effect. They vary in variety, size and design. Handmade handbags are the master piece of Pakistani culture and are source of communication to the other areas around the world.